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restoring balance in the body, mind and spirit

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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.



30minute treatment for $40.00.

60 minute treatment for $75.00.

90 minute treatment for $100.00.

Home visits are for 90 minutes only plus travel expense.

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~ THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - blends relaxation massage and specific massage techniques to integrate a session that focuses mainly on your area of complaint or tension.  This allows you to experience massage benefits such as regulated heart and respiratory rates, reduced anxiety, and a release of toxins from the body.


~ MYOFASCIAL/DEEP TISSUE - are massage techniques that work to free muscles and the fascia (tissue surrounding the muscle) that might possibly be tight due to injury, postural dysfunction, or past surgeries. These are slow, intentional techniques that require time, evaluation, and  feedback from you. These massage techniques can be successful in increasing your range of motion (ROM) and decreasing pain. This is specific massage work that focuses on a portion of the body to attain a goal. First treatment will include an assessment.


~ PREGNANCY MASSAGE - Mother’s to be can enjoy relaxation massage or deep tissue work. Massage is helpful at easing muscle tension and freeing soft tissue restrictions as changes take place in the her body. Massage during pregnancy is indicated, safe, and recommended after the 1st trimester.


~ CORE SYNCHRONISM - is a gentle, light palpation approach to healing. Core is deeply relaxing, gentle and profound bodywork. This is light touch energetic work that honors the body’s wisdom and natural healing process.



restoring balance in
 the body, mind and spirit

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